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Selected Works in Three Volumes Georgi Dimitrov

Selected Works in Three Volumes

Georgi Dimitrov

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Reading as part of a broader study of fascism and anti-fascism. Relevant quotes so far, from Volume 1:p. 146: Fascism = the [capitalists] last means of preserving their class rule and of keeping the state power in their hands.p. 146: Fascism = the complete negation of democracy and of all political rights and freedoms of the masses.p. 146: Fascism is far from being only anti-communist. It is at the same time anti-popular in essence.Above quotations are from The United Front and Bourgeois Reaction, 8/23/1923p. 158: the bourgeoisie itself has always considered the Social-Democratic tactics of class collaboration, and it resorts to it only when and insofar as it finds itself in a tight spot and feels the need to divert and paralyze the popular movements directed against its policy of exploitation and oppression and against its class rule. (from United Front or Class Collaboration, 8/29/1923.I find this last quotation especially interesting when placed beside the first one above. Put together, Dimitrov proposes that fascism and social-democracy are both promoted by the same forces under similar circumstances and for identical reasons.