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Not Hers To Love Bridget A. Monplaisir

Not Hers To Love

Bridget A. Monplaisir

Kindle Edition
108 pages
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 About the Book 

Unattainable romance, flavored with a taste of the beautiful Island of Saint Lucia, and made even more interesting with the added splash of an unusual twist, where the main character is purposely left nameless.Not Hers To Love has also been featured on the website, CallitBeauty.com, after a cafe sit and chat between the Author and the sites creator, Desiree.Below is one example of the rave reviews Not Hers To Love has received:Sherri wrote: Also my aunt. I dont want to promote her just because were related, but I have to say I really enjoyed her second book Not Hers to Love. From the first page, it really pulls you in. You want to know what happens next. And its funny! I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish.Excerpt:Jasmine was tired, but not too tired to be confused about the way she felt about him. There was no reason to. Heck, this three day weekend must have been the most contact shed had with him in all the years shed known him. How could she love him? Yet she knew she did- but it was a love she also knew would have to stay stored in her heart forever. It would never, could never, be released... She sighed, in desperation.