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Bible Contradictions - Book 1 Greg Vanden Berge

Bible Contradictions - Book 1

Greg Vanden Berge

Published January 18th 2012
ISBN : 9781469936246
134 pages
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 About the Book 

There are no such things as Bible contradictions. This is a typical Christian statement, even though it isnt a rational one. If youd told me, All dogs are black and I provided you with a white one, what would you think? Most rational minded individuals would concede and except defeat. They might even take it a step further and tell everyone they know, about their mistake. This type of behavior makes sense, to most people, however, if I provided a Christian with a similar statement from the Holy Bible, it will no longer make sense. The Bible tells its followers not to kill and then allows them to kill. If this isnt enough, the New Testament takes it one step further and instructs its faithful followers to love their enemy. I dont know about you, but it would be extremely difficult to love someone, while putting them to death. I challenge any Christian to examine all of the information inside this book with an open mind, then make your own judgment, whether or not the Bible contradicts itself. Have you ever wondered whether there are or are not contradictions in the Holy Bible? Well, Im going to let you be the judge and jury and figure it out for yourself. This is the first book in a new series about Bible contradictions and there will be more to come. The definition of a contradiction is simple, any statement that is inconsistent or illogical and incongruent with another one. All dogs are white and the statement some dogs are brown are contradictions. It doesnt matter whether youre Jewish, Christian or Muslim, the contents inside of this book are literally shocking. If youre interested in learning more about the Holy Bible and are a faithful follower of Jehovah, Jesus or Allah, this book will provide you with plenty of fascinating facts.