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Mamas Mumblings Kris Shearer

Mamas Mumblings

Kris Shearer

Kindle Edition
150 pages
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 About the Book 

Never one to be labeled as shy, Shearer uses wit, wisdom, candor, and humor to tackle the worlds tackiest issues. Shearers concern for the state of our world, her deep love of family and friends, her belief that discipline ultimately shows love to our young people, her love of animals, her concerns over the state of education in our country, and her belief that staying silent and being Politically Correct are harming our world shine throughout these short snippets. Readers will feel they are not reading but, instead, having a chai tea and chatting with Mama K on her back porch. Underneath all the spouting off and bravado, though, lies the tender heart of a woman who really just wants a stable place for all the worlds children to grow up in.