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Slocums Silver Burden (Slocum #430) Jake Logan

Slocums Silver Burden (Slocum #430)

Jake Logan

Published November 25th 2014
Kindle Edition
193 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

THE FINAL NOVEL IN TODAYS LONGEST-RUNNING ACTION WESTERN!Down on his luck in San Francisco, John Slocum takes a contract with the Central California Railroad. He’s given the difficult task of locating a stolen shipment of silver worth over one hundred thousand dollars, but he catches a break when he discovers that the company’s attractive secretary, Tamara, was an accomplice in the robbery. Too bad his employer would rather believe in the thief’s feminine wiles than in Slocum’s cold hard facts.Fuming mad and out of work, Slocum starts looking to let off some steam. But when Tamara offers Slocum a new job—finding where the rest of the robbers stowed the loot—he has a hard time saying no to the seductive crook, or to a change of fortune. Still, Slocum knows he has to keep his cards close to the chest, or else he might end up six feet under…