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Stuck In Traffic Anthony Downs

Stuck In Traffic

Anthony Downs

Published June 1st 1992
ISBN : 9780815719236
224 pages
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 About the Book 

Peak-hour traffic congestion has become a major problem in most US cities. In fact, a majority of residents in metropolitan and suburban areas consider congestion their most serious local problem. As citizens have become increasingly frustrated by repeated traffic delays that cost them money and waste time, congestion has become an important factor affecting local government policies in many parts of the nation. congestion, especially in suburban areas, and considers the possible remedies. He analyzes the specific advantages and disadvantages of every major strategy that has been proposed to reduce congestion. In nontechnical language, he focuses on two central issues: the relationships between land-use and traffic flow in rapidly growing areas, and whether local policies can effectively reduce congestion or if more regional approaches are necessary. 10 years ago. But Downs notes that the problem has apparently not yet become bad enough to stimulate effective responses. Neither government officials nor citizens seem willing to consider changing the behaviour and public policies that cause congestion. To alleviate the problem, he argues, both groups must be prepared to make these fundamental changes.