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Float Me Through the Deep Frank J Diaz de Leon

Float Me Through the Deep

Frank J Diaz de Leon

Published October 1st 2012
ISBN : 9781479271931
364 pages
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 About the Book 

Titanic: Float Me Through The Deep, is a fictionalized story set in 1915. It recounts the journey of Inar Katerpar, an aging Inuit, who has spent his entire life on Baffin Island. Unable to hunt and provide for his village, he feels it is time to join his loved ones in a journey to the Sky World. On a chosen day, his family and friends are there to see him swept away on an ice floe. The traveler takes only a few days of food and water, just enough supply to see him through the journey. As he lives out what are supposed to be his last days, the journey becomes arduous. His supplies begin to dwindle, along with his traditional beliefs, and Inar finds that to die is not so easy. His survival instincts kick in, and as the large slab of floe ice continues to melt, he is flipped onto an iceberg by a Killer Whale. Realizing the iceberg is to become a main source of temporary survival, Inar builds an igloo. As the days wear on, the sea provides him with food, and pools of iceberg water quench his thirst. One night, a thunderous roar is heard, and blinding lights shine brightly into his eyes. Inar climbs to the tip of the iceberg and begins his death song. Suddenly, the iceberg begins to tremble, then shake, causing him to tumble downwards, knocking him unconscious. Inar awakens on the deck of the RMS Titanic in the hands of crew members, who take him into custody as a stowaway. In the critical minutes that follow, no one knows, the moment Inar hit the deck, the Titanic began to sink. After the fateful sinking, he is found floating on the wreckage debris and is rescued. In New York, Inar is held captive on Ellis Island. Jane Reynolds, an Immigration Attorney, comes to his aid, and this is where the real story begins.